Who can become a member?

All members are required to be local manufacturers utilising Australian Standard product.  Businesses either importing finished products such as modular kitchens, or assembling imported products locally will not be admitted to membership.

Membership of the CMA provides the following benefits.

Besides letting potential customers know that your business has the endorsement of the Cabinet Makers Association, membership of the CMA provides a host of benefits and services, including;

  • Free dispute resolution service for members and their customers.  Each year the CMA helps resolve disputes on behalf of its members, including disputes with suppliers.  For example, Peter Ferrari Furniture recently joined the CMA due to a dispute with a builder.  Because of the CMA’s involvement the dispute was resolved quickly and Peter Ferrari Furniture was paid the $16,000 it was owed, all with a minimum of fuss and without recourse to legal action.
  • Industrial relations advice.
  • Full colour quarterly magazine for members, featuring articles on legal and technical issues, industry news, product information and much more.
  • Supplier members specialising in insurance and legal advice for members.
  • Wage rates information.
  • Marketing assistance.
  • Use of the CMA logo for marketing purposes.
  • Use of the CMA’s ‘Why you should choose a CMA member’ PDF flyer, which outlines reasons for using a CMA member business and the pitfalls commonly associated with flat packs.  This has been designed to be sent out with quotes and to general enquiries and serves to identify your business as a CMA member as well as providing important consumer advice.
  • CMA representation of members to the public.
  • Listing of your business on the CMA website.  All CMA members receive a free one-page listing with its own URL so it can be used as a standalone web page for your business.  This page allows you to display your company logo, some extra information about your business and photos of your work.
  • The CMA’s website ranks highly on Google and other search engines.
  • The CMA is the only legitimate voice the WA cabinet making industry has and actively promotes the interests of the industry to the state and federal governments.
  • Quarterly networking evenings, featuring guest speakers on industry issues, and.
  • A very good annual golf day.  Last year’s golf day was sponsored by Planit and much enjoyed by a lot of cabinet makers and sponsors.

As part of its responsibilities to its membership the CMA keeps abreast of issues facing the industry, such as the obligation of cabinet makers under the Builders’ Registration and Home Building Contracts acts; failing to comply with the acts can result in serious penalties.  CMA Contract Books which comply with the Home Building Contracts Act are available to members at a cost of $55.00 (including GST) plus postage & handling per book of 50 contracts.  Each new member receives a complementary CMA contract book.

The current annual membership fee is $435.00 per year (inc. GST) for businesses employing more than three people and $390.00 (inc. GST) for those employing less than three people and is levied annually.  CMA membership is also fully tax deductible.

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