Kitchen Design

Kitchen lay outs are determined to a greater or lesser extent by the area in which they are to be installed.  Following are some of the classical layouts which may be of assistance in the basic planning of your new kitchen.  Please remember also that some of the components of the following layouts could possibly be adopted in another layout, depending on the size and shape of your existing kitchen.  For example, island benches could be incorporated into several of the layouts below.


The L-shape design is a traditional lay out for kitchens. It allows for plenty of storage and workspace and leaves room enough for a kitchen table. This layout is flexible enough for two cooks to work simultaneously without getting in each other’s way.



This design large preparation areas and considerable cabinet space under the bench tops. This layout is particularly effective in a kitchen that’s nearly square or where you want to tightly define one end of a larger space as the basic work area.



This kitchen design is an extension of the U-shaped layout and allows for the use of every centimetre of space available. This layout provides considerable bench top space and storage. If required, the return run of cabinets can accommodate a breakfast bar.


Single wall

The single wall layout is very practical when space is limited.   This layout is commonly found in apartments but is also very functional in an open plan area. The run of units utilises minimal floor space, but the downside is that storage and bench top space can be quite limited.



The galley design allows for efficient use of space with cabinets down either side of the room. The two parallel counters make all points of the work triangle equally accessible and it’s a great design for small apartments with limited space.



The Island design is most often seen in L-shaped kitchens but can be combined with other shaped kitchens as well. An island provides considerable storage, work or entertaining space to a kitchen but requires considerable room to be functional.


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