• jobman posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Adding in extended Lead times for operations like outsourcing painting into your Job flow is quick and easy.
    Extended Lead Times
    Multiple Job Types can be selected for the purpose of adding additional Lead Times into a Lead or Job. An example of this is might be “Outsource Painting”. To achieve this create another Job Type under Admin then assign 2 operations.

    Send Painted Parts. This will allow a person to prep and pack ready for sending. (select update all tasks)
    Receive Painted Parts. (select update all tasks)
    Create 2 Target Lead Times and define Job Type as “Outsource Painting” and select “Send Painted Parts” as operation and allow a 1-day Target Lead Time and another as Job Type “Outsource Painting” and operation as “Receive Painted Parts” and allow 10-days as Lead Time.

    Adding extended Lead Times is now as simple as adding an additional Job Type like “Outsource Painting”. If it is an existing Job simply save the Job and reopen and then updated Target Lead Times to populate the newly added operations.


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