Why Choose a CMAWA Member

Why Choose a CMAWA Member

When you choose a member of the Cabinet Makers Association you are choosing a business which undertakes to uphold the Rules of the Association to provide professional workmanship and value for money for all consumers.

  • All members are recommended to use contracts which comply with the Home Building Contracts Act.
  • CMAWA members are expected to produce work which complies with the Australian Standards and use Australian Standard compliant materials.
  • Prior to acceptance as a member, businesses are assessed by the CMAWA as to their competence, experience and professionalism

When you choose a member of the CMAWA you can be secure in the knowledge that in the event of a problem with workmanship or a dispute, you can turn to the CMAWA for guidance and assistance.  If required, a qualified cabinetmaker will be assigned to inspect the work, provide you with a comprehensive written report and appear as a witness in court.  The CMAWA takes its responsibility to consumers seriously and will, if necessary, take action against any member who fail to uphold their responsibilities.

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